Washoe County search and rescue 2 On Top Flume Trail

November 17, 2016

Last week two people while hiking on the Tahoe Flume Trail got scared when it became dark. They called Washoe County search and rescue to meet with them at mile marker 7 on The Flume Trail to help them back down to the road. At the road they were met by over that took them back to their car.
When they went hiking they didn’t have the proper clothing or lighting and their cell phone was being used as a flashlight.
Washoe County search and rescue is only too happy to help people that get into a jam while visiting are wonderful Backcountry area.
Many things to Washoe County search and rescue which is an all-volunteer search team based out of Washoe County.


A message from a sheriff in Nevada

November 14, 2016

​Sheriff’s Message, Week of November 6th                       
Community Friends,
We are happy to report that there were no known issues throughout the county on Election Day. Additionally, there has been no active protesting in our county, unlike the urban cities portraying actions of a third world country. While many of you are glad the election is over, its aftermath began the day after. Our phones blew up with individuals wanting to know about the law and marijuana licenses. One person even wanted his marijuana and pipe back, now that it is legal. He did not get it back.
On January 1st, anyone 21 years of age or older can legally smoke or consume marijuana. Lyon County is now mandated to have at least two retail marijuana stores, and every residence in the county, including the cities of Fernley and Yerington can grow up to 12 plants unless they are within 25 miles of a retail marijuana store. There are some restrictions on growing marijuana at the home, so growers will have to read the law to ensure compliance.
The LCSO will be advocates for retail stores to cover the entire populated county so no one can grow in the home under the 25 mile rule, thus forcing all users to purchase government over-sighted marijuana. Oops, guess some of those people should have read the entire law before voting for it. We will also reaffirm our work place policy prohibiting marijuana use. Under the new law, ALL employers may establish a similar policy prohibiting employees from using marijuana. Oops, more of those voters didn’t read that part either. So for those unemployed non-users, or non-users seeking a better job, higher pay and better benefits, be patient because new job opportunities may be available after January 1st.
We began staffing a marijuana transition policy for our deputies this week. We need legislators to enhance NRS 484B.150, the open alcohol container in a vehicle law, to include marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia. The new law is extremely vague and weak on driving and using, and should include vehicle passengers. It will be illegal to smoke or consume marijuana in public places. We will write the $600 ticket for each violation seen, and we will do the best we can when we catch those under 21 with marijuana, marijuana concentrates (edibles) and marijuana paraphernalia.
The gun background check law also go into effect on January 1st. This is a very confusing and poorly written law even for us. I won’t tell you the loop holes in how to bypass this new law, which there are many. Expect in the near future another ballot proposal similar to California’s Prop 63 that just passed, aimed at closing these loop holes. This is how the anti-2nd Amendment groups chip away at our Bill of Rights, and sadly, many sheep continue to follow along. Nonetheless, to be safe, if you sell your gun to someone outside of your immediate family, have the sale go through a FFL dealer. The LCSO is not going to put much emphasis or resources into enforcement of this expanded law. We have other priorities.
And finally on a positive note, we did graduate Deputies Johnson and Greenhut from the Category I POST Academy after 16 weeks of training. They now begin their patrol training, another 12 weeks of training before they can work by themselves. Congratulations to both!
As always, keep the faith.

Tahoe fire restriction still on.

September 7, 2016

​@LakeTahoeUSFS: Fire danger at Tahoe remains a concern and fire restrictions are still in effect. Read more https://t.co/run1V21aXw/s/B_3D. https://t.co/KGjVuG59Od/s/GHXs

Recreational shooting

July 20, 2016

Nevadagunrental.com for specials on shooting packages. 775 741 0735.

Historic Lake Tahoe boat show in Tahoe Vista and Carnelian Bay. If you haven’t seen it see it now

July 8, 2016

New ride at heavenly.

June 19, 2016

Heavenly opens mountain coaster ride
Submitted by paula on Sat, 06/18/2016 – 8:04pm

Heavenly Mountain Resort opened their summer activities at the top of the hill Saturday, including the anticipated Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster.
For a daily fee, people will take the Gondola up the hill to the upper mountain, and have unlimited access to the mountain. For those eight-year-old and older, and over 45 pounds, the $89 Ultimate Adventure Pass Includes a Gondola Ride, Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster, Summer Tubing, Hot Shot Zip Line, Boulder Cove Ropes Course and Granite Peak Climbing Wall. There is also a $49 pass for kids under eight with age appropriate activities.
Here are a few of their summer offerings:

Ridge Rider Mountain Coaster
Fly through the forest and around boulders while taking in panoramic views of Lake Tahoe. Experience the thrill of this gravity-propelled mountain coaster as you race down the 3,400′ track, descend 300 vertical feet, and accelerate around two lateral loops.
Summer Tubing
Breeze down a thrilling 500ft-long hill, without snow or water! With our specially designed tubing surface, Heavenly summer tubing will have you smiling ear to ear. Once at the bottom, step on the carpet lift to take you back to the top!
Hot Shot Zip Line
Take in one-of-a-kind views of Mt. Tallac and Pyramid Peak as you, and up to 3 of your friends or family, race down the 4 parallel lines on Heavenly’s 1,000ft-long zip line at top speeds of 40 MPH. This is a great way to build up your courage before testing your nerves on the Blue Streak Zip Line!
To see a whole list of upper mountain summer fun, visit http://www.skiheavenly.com/info/epic-discovery.aspx#/TheAdventurePass

Tahoe notice

June 3, 2016

@LakeTahoeUSFS: Forest thinning resumes near Fallen Leaf Campground, area closed for public safety. More at https://t.co/run1V21aXw/s/xbs1. https://t.co/Skrb0NvBB2/s/tk7W

Protect your car while hiking

May 31, 2016

Summer is here and there are a lot of places to park your car while you go hiking. Unfortunately there are bad people out there that are waiting for you to hit the trail Before They smash and dash with your car or items in your car.

One action to take is to make sure you only take the things in your car that you will use on your hiking trip. Don’t leave anything extra in your car.

If you do leave something in your car of Value, Place it in a hidden spot. But remember it takes just a couple of seconds to smash the glass and grab the valuables.

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful area. Don’t get a bad taste in your mouth by leaving something of value in your car and finding your car broken into you when you come back.

Camping ideas at tahoe

May 31, 2016


Winter at tahoe

February 5, 2016